Established by Bengt Sjöberg 2016

Foto: Per Brydolf


The statutes shows that:

"Contributions and support will be given mainly to researchers at universities or equivalent institutions in Sweden or abroad. Contributions can also be partially granted to individuals or organizations working within the purpose."


The borders for the recipients of the foundation's contributions are set out in the statutes:

“Grants and support are mainly made to scientists at universities, colleges or similar institutions in Sweden or abroad. Grants can also to some extent be granted to individuals or organizations operating within the purpose of the foundation.”

The Board decides which universities / colleges should be invited to submit project proposals for the current year. The selection is based on an assessment of which research should be supported and which universities / colleges do corresponding research of sufficient scope and quality.

The donor, Bengt Sjöberg's, stated desire was to "make a difference" for the cancer patients. This would be done in the form of investments in disadvantaged areas where the patients were particularly vulnerable due to lack of effective medication or the costs were too high. One possible solution that was suggested was research in the field of alternative medicine, but also to use medicines already approved for other diseases, in cases where they are also were effective against cancer (repurposing). Both preventive measures and mitigating care were areas that Bengt Sjöberg also wanted to support.