Board of trustees

Established by Bengt Sjöberg 2016

Board of trustees



Other trustees:

Ingemar Sjöberg

Ola Johannesson

Bengt Westermark

Göran K. Hansson

Joachim Sjöberg

Michelle Sjöberg

Sofia Holmström

From the left:

First line:   Ola Johannesson, Göran K. Hansson, Bengt Westermark

Second line: Sofia Holmström, Ingemar Sjöberg, Michelle Sjöberg, Joachim Sjöberg

Scientific Advisory Board

The board has been assigned a Scientific Advisory Boardd with the following tasks:

  1. Provide advice and proposals to the Board regarding areas for research support within the Foundation's purpose
  2. Evaluate grant applications and, if necessary, designate external experts
  3. Submit proposals to the Board on research projects to evaluate and allocate funds to individual projects.

The members of the Scientific Advisory Board 2019 are: Carina Berterö, Vinjar Fönnebö, Roger Henriksson (Chairman), Erik Holmberrg, Pernilla Lagergren, Mef  Nilbert, Peter Söderkvist and Rune Toftgård.


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